Tree Memorials

Tree MemorialYour consideration in providing a living tree memorial honoring someone special is greatly appreciated. The process is very simple. The donor may purchase their tree from a local nursery or they can pay a predetermined fee for Parks and Recreation to purchase the tree. Trees will be planted by Parks staff in a park of your choice that has irrigation. Staff can meet you on site to select a specific location. Letters and certificates are sent to both the donor, to the family of a memorial and/or to those being honored.

Tree Memorial Process 

1. Select a Tree:
Please select a tree from the following species that are suited to our West Texas weather. We are working on expanding this list. If you are interested in a particular type of tree not listed, let us know, and we'll determine its suitability for our parks. To enhance the survivability of your selection, we recommend a single-trunk tree with a minimum 2½-inch caliper.

  • Tree PlantingBur Oak
  • Red Oak
  • Chinquapin Oak
  • Live Oak
  • Lacebark Elm
  • Cedar Elm
  • Bald Cypress-Limited Area
  • Globe Willow-Limited Area
  • Chinese Pistache
2. Purchase Your Tree:
Option 1
:  Purchase your tree from a local nursery. Call 775-2669 when this has been completed, and Parks staff will arrange for pickup/delivery of your selection.
Option 2:  Parks and Recreation will purchase the tree and invoice you for the amount prior to planting.  On average, the cost is between $130 to $200 per tree, which can vary by the type of tree that is purchased.

3. Select a Park and a Location:
Work with staff on those parks with irrigation. Set up a time to meet with staff at the selected park to finalize the tree's location so that it is able to receive water from the irrigation system.

4. Tree is Planted by Parks Staff.
While most trees survive, there are many factors that influence whether a tree will survive after planting. Unfortunately, the City of Lubbock Parks and Recreation department cannot guarantee tree survival and are not able to replace memorial trees that have died.

5. Letter and Certificates:
A letter is sent to the donor indicating that the tree has been planted. In addition, if the tree honors someone or is a memorial, we will send a letter to the person being honored or to the family if it is a memorial along with a certificate indicating that a tree was planted in their honor. Due to cost and vandalism, we regret that we cannot place a plaque on site by the tree. We will list the donation on the Parks and Recreation website under Tree Memorials.

For More Information on Tree Memorials
Call (806) 775-2669

Printable Procedure Sheet (pdf)
Tree Memorial Procedure Sheet

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