Inflatable Play Equipment Ordinance

Inflatable Play Equipment in City Parks must be with a rental company and have a permit through the Parks and Recreation Office.  The use of inflatables are guided by the Ordinance listed below.  Parks that allow inflatable play equipment are as follows:

Aztlan Park, Buddy Holly Recreation Area, Clapp Park, Elmore Park, Fiesta Plaza, Guadalupe Park, Higinbotham Park, Leftwich Park, Mackenzie Park, Mae Simmons Park, Mahon Park, Maxey Park, McAlister Park, McCullough Park, Miller Park, Ribble Park, Rodgers Park, Stubbs Park and Woods Park.

In addition, inflatables are also allowed at the Berl Huffman Athletic Complex and the Lubbock Youth Sports Complex.  If you have questions regarding the ordinance, please call the Parks and Recreation Office at (806) 775-2689 or (806) 775-2669.



Sec. 16.04.001     Rental company registration

Any and all inflatable play equipment rental companies must register with the city parks and recreation department prior to use of any inflatable play equipment owned by said play equipment rental companies on any park. All inflatable play equipment rental companies shall carry a minimum of $1,500,000.00 general liability insurance. The city must be listed as an additional insured on a primary and noncontributory basis. All inflatable play equipment rental companies shall present their current Texas Department of Insurance inspection certificate(s) at the time of registration. (Ordinance 2011-O0050, sec. 2, adopted 7/27/2011)

Sec. 16.04.002     Inflatable play equipment, permit required

Any and all persons, individuals, groups, businesses or organizations that erect inflatable play equipment on public park property must acquire an inflatable play equipment permit and pay the appropriate permit fee. The permit fee shall be set annually in the city’s budget ordinance. If no permit fee is established by budget ordinance, a minimum permit fee of $25.00 per event shall be charged. Said permit shall be issued by the director of parks and recreation, and it will be subject to the approval of both the fire marshal and the director of parks and recreation. Only inflatable play equipment rental companies, as defined in section 16.01.003, shall be allowed to seek a permit under this section. The non-permitted use of inflatable play equipment on any park shall not be allowed. (Ordinance 2011-O0050, sec. 2, adopted 7/27/2011)

Sec. 16.04.003     Permitted parks for inflatable play equipment

Inflatable play equipment shall only be allowed within the permissible areas of the following designated parks:

(1)     Regional parks.

(A)     Mackenzie Park

(B)     McAlister Park

(2)     Community parks.

(A)     Aztlan Park

(B)     Buddy Holly Recreational Area

(C)     Clapp Park

(D)     Elmore Park

(E)     Fiesta Plaza

(F)     Higinbotham Park

(G)     Leftwich Park

(H)     Mae Simmons Park

(I)     Mahon Park

(J)     Maxey Park

(K)     McCullough Park

(L)     Miller Park

(M)     Ribble Park

(N)     Rodgers Park

(O)     Stubbs Park

(P)     Woods Park

(3)     Sports complexes.

(A)     Huffman Athletic Complex

(B)     Lubbock Youth Sports Complex

(4)     Neighborhood parks.

(A)     Guadalupe Park

(Ordinance 2011-O0050, sec. 2, adopted 7/27/2011)

Sec. 16.04.004     Placement of inflatable play equipment

(a)     All inflatable play equipment must only be placed on park grounds in such a manner that the safety of the children is ensured and in compliance with the terms of this article.

(b)     Not more than one (1) inflatable play equipment event shall operate simultaneously at a single neighborhood park. No inflatable play equipment shall operate for more than six (6) hours per event. A representative from the inflatable play equipment rental company must be on call while the equipment is in use on park grounds and must be available to immediately respond in person if necessary. A trained attendant must be on site while the inflatable is in use.

(c)     No inflatable play equipment shall be set up within one hundred (100) feet of any private property. No inflatable play equipment shall be set up within fifty (50) feet of any park playground equipment, delineated playground area, or any body of water. No inflatable play equipment may be set up within twenty (20) feet of any public building, portable restrooms, street, right-of-way, or parking area. No inflatable play equipment may be set up on any park trail or recreation facility such as tennis courts, basketball court or area, or picnic shelter or pavilion.

(d)     To the extent available, electricity may be provided at some parks that can be used to operate the inflatable play equipment. A service fee shall be charged for such electrical use. A request and payment for electrical use must be made to the parks and recreation department at least forty-eight hours prior to the setup of the inflatable play equipment.

(e)     Inflatable play equipment rental companies may provide their own power source in the form of an electrical generator. The use of an electrical generator must conform with all applicable laws, rules, and regulations, including fire code regulations and other local ordinances. This equipment may not be fueled on the park turf areas, but may be fueled only on the designated park parking areas. Only the factory fuel tank installed on the generator will be permitted. No external fuel tanks are allowed as a potential power source.

(Ordinance 2011-O0050, sec. 2, adopted 7/27/2011)

Sec. 16.04.005     Restrictions on the use of inflatable play equipment in parks

(a)     Inflatable play equipment shall be hand carried, or hand trucked onto and out of parks property. In no event shall the use of motor vehicles be permitted for the set up of inflatable play equipment in violation of this code.

(b)     Play equipment with water slides is prohibited on any park property. The use of stakes shall be permitted to secure the inflatable play equipment. In order to minimize possible damage to the turf, the soil, or any underground equipment, when securing the inflatable play equipment or any other item to the ground, weights, in the form of metal plates, sandbags, or other similarly weighted material may be used.

(Ordinance 2011-O0050, sec. 2, adopted 7/27/2011)


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