Some activities require a permit.  Please contact the Parks & Recreation Office for details regarding your particular event and to place it on our Parks Calendar.

Loud Speaker Permit
Required for amplified sound outdoors within the City limits.
Contact the City Secretary's Office at (806) 775-2028.

Temporary Food Permit

May be required when serving food to the public.
Contact  Health Department at (806) 775-3000.

Inflatable Play Equipment Permit
Required when using inflatable play equipment (bouncers, climbers, etc.)  in City parks.
Contact  Parks & Recreation at (806) 775-2687.
For more information and to view the ordinance, click Inflatable Play Equipment Ordinance.

Remote Control Boating Permit

Required when using a boat on the City lakes.
Contact  Parks & Recreation at (806) 775-2687.

Remote Control Airplane Permit

Required when operating a remote control airplane.
Please keep in mind the City has only one remote control airport at FM179 just north of 19th Street.
Contact  Parks & Recreation at (806) 775-2687.

Boating Permit
Required when operating a sailboat, canoe, kayak or raft on any playa lake located within a City of Lubbock Park.  Free!
Contact Parks & Recreation at (806) 775-2673 to have one mailed to you or go by the Parks and Recreation Office at 1611 10th Street.

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