Volleyball Courts

Parks and Recreation offers a variety of lighted and unlighted volleyball courts!  Remember Park Curfew is 12:00 Midnight!

Lighted Volleyball Courts

AZTLAN PARK       1st Street and Avenue K
BURNS PARK   23rd Street and Avenue K
BUTLER PARK   E. 4th Street and Zenith Avenue
CARLISLE PARK   28th Street and Avenue X
DAVIES PARK   15th Street and Inler Avenue (FM 179)
DAVIS PARK   40th Street and Nashville Avenue
ELMORE PARK   66th Street and Quaker Avenue
GUADALUPE PARK   2nd Street and Avenue P
GUY PARK   93rd Street and Memphis Avenue
HIGGINBOTHOM PARK   19th Street & Vicksburg Avenue
HODGES PARK   Marshall and N. University
KASTMAN PARK   Joliet Avenue and S. Loop 289
MAHON PARK   29th Street and Chicago
(Sand Volleyball - rentals available)
McCOLLOUGH PARK   88th Street and Flint Avenue
MILLER PARK   Memphis Drive and Memphis Avenue
(between S. Loop & 76th Street)
ROY FURR PIONEER PARK   6th Street and Avenue T
RATLIFF PARK   50th Street and Chicago Avenue
RAWLINGS PARK   40th Street and Avenue B
RIBBLE PARK   62nd Street and Temple Avenue
SIMMONS PARK   E. 23rd Street and Oak Avenue
SMITH PARK   15th Street and Chicago Avenue
STUBBS PARK   36th Street and Avenue N
UNDERWOOD PARK   74th Street & Cedar Avenue
WAGNER PARK   26th Street and Elgin Avenue
WASHINGTON PARK   E. 22nd Street and Cedar Avenue
WOODS PARK   Erskine and Zenith Avenue

Unlighted Volleyball Courts

BERRY PARK        36th Street and Cedar Avenue
CLAPP PARK   46th Street and Avenue U
CROW PARK   91st Street and Belton Avenue
HINOJOSA PARK   Viola Avenue and 22nd Street
JENNINGS PARK   73rd Street and Winston
MAXEY PARK   30th Street and Oxford Avenue
RODGERS PARK   Amherst and North Gary
STEVENS PARK   75th Street and Slide Road
WHEELOCK PARK   40th Street and Elgin Avenue

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