Mowing in City Parks

Parks and Recreation takes great pride in providing beautiful parks and green space for all of Lubbock to utilize and enjoy.  Countless hours of work go into our parks, and our Park Maintenance staff are pro-active in resolving day-to-day issues throughout the year.  One area that receives attention during the warmer months is the mowing of our City parks.  We hope the information in this page will help create a better understanding of how the mowing process works.  

How It Works

Parks and Recreation currently has four contracted mowing companies that mow approximately 2,300 acres of parks, ballfields, medians and various other city property as well as 22 miles of right of way.  Contract mowers have requirements that dictate the number of crews and equipment they employ in order to be awarded a contract.  They work an average of 6 months out of the year and are required to mow from the time the grass begins to grow until the end of the growing season. The mowing season can vary significantly each year due to the length of the growing season. 

City parks and other green spaces are broken down into 12 groups with each group assigned a particular class that determines the type of care they receive and the number of times they will be mowed during the growing season.  Groups 1-10 are mowed, edged and trimmed.  They may be cleaned with a blower or bagged depending on the class.  They are mowed between 17 and 29 times during the season.  Groups 11 and 12 are mostly undeveloped and require less maintenance.  They are generally swathed, but if edging or other treatment is needed, this is also done.  These groups may also include cleaning weeds from sidewalks.  They are mowed 10 to 17 times a season.  Before each park is mowed, city employees coordinate trash pick-up.

Factors That Impact Mowing Schedules

There are several factors that can affect the mowing schedule.  It is not unusual for this schedule to change several times a day.  Weather, equipment breakdowns, special events, and call backs are just a few of the things that dictate the schedule. 

  • Weather - Weather is a huge factor with the mowing schedule.  The crews cannot mow when the grass is wet or when the area is flooded due to rain.  When we receive rain over several weeks at a time, this can significantly impact the ability of the mowing companies to be able get into the parks and mow.
  • Equipment Breakdowns -  Many hours are used on servicing the mowing equipment, but breakdowns can and will happen.  While the crews try to be prepared for this, it can still cause issues with staying on schedule. 
  • Park Events - Lubbock has roughly 82 parks that we encourage people to utilize.  During the warmer months we can easily have ten large park events in a week.  This number doesn’t include smaller parties or events that don’t use our services.  We try to arrange the mowing schedule around these events, which means they may be mowed earlier or later than scheduled to accommodate the event.
  • Inspections - After a property is mowed, park inspectors will survey the area to determine if crews need to be called back to correct any issues.

We hope this information has been helpful.  To see the complete breakdown of the mowing schedule, click on the link below.  

Mowing List
Mowing Map

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