HealthBeat Outdoor Fitness System

HealthBeat User GuideLocated on the south side of Maxey Park next to Maxey Community Center at 4020 30th Street, HealthBeat is a unique and progressively challenging way to integrate exercise into a natural, outdoor setting.  It is designed for the beginner, intermediate or advanced user.  There are nine pieces of fitness equipment that work all of the muscle-types as you progress through the circuit.  This equipment includes:

  • Balance StepsHealthBeat
  • Cardio Stepper
  • Squat Press
  • Plyometrics
  • Tai Chi Wheels
  • Chest/Back Press
  • Assisted Row/Push Up
  • Pull-Up/Dip
  • Ab Crunch/Leg Lift
Remember to consult your healthcare professional when starting any new fitness program.  Click on the HealthBeat User Guide to the right to view the 28-page guide on how to use this equipment!

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