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Pumpkin Trail Logo   9th Annual Pumpkin Trail
   October 19-22, 2017 ● Th/Su 6-9 pm ● Fr/Sa 6-10 pm
   Lubbock Memorial Arboretum ● 4111 University
   Lubbock Municipal Garden and Arts Center ● 4215 University

Each year, local non-profits and businesses participate in the Pumpkin Trail by hosting themed displays that lead participants along the trail. The public loves the displays, and they make great spots to take family photos. To become a display host, call Maxey Community Center at (806) 767-3796. 

We have a limited number of display spots available.  First priority will be given to sponsors.  Any remaining spots will be assigned on a first-come, first-serve basis.  Thanks for your understanding!.


  • Display Application:  All potential hosts must complete a Pumpkin Trail Display and Guidelines form and turn it into or fax it to Maxey Community Center, 4020 30th Street, (806) 767-3796,  by October 13, 2016.  To receive a copy, email aruel@mylubbock.us.
  • Space is Limited:  We have only approximately 35 display sites available.  Sponsors are guaranteed a display site should they choose to host one.
  • Lubbock Parks and Recreation:  We will provide the candles and/or battery-operated candles, one solar spotlight, 8 1/2" by 11" orange trail sign, and 24-hour security for the duration of the event.
  • Signage:  Use your own signage and stakes.  Must be able to withstand high winds.  No size limits, but appropriate for the size of the display.
  • Display Setup:  Setup of displays will be on Thursday, October 19, from 8:00 am-3:00 pm at Lubbock Memorial Arboretum, 4111 University.  The Pumpkin Trail opens at 6:00 pm on that same night  Should you choose to, you may also deliver on Wednesday, October 18, when the public delivers their pumpkins.  The entrance to get your displays to the trail is located on the north side of the Arboretum back by the ball field fence.  We have a gator and trailer to help you reach your site.
  • Display Pickup:  Pickup of display materials will be on Monday, October 23, from 8:00 am-Noon.  We will throw out all pumpkins.  Any props that you don't want thrown away should be picked up by noon.


  • Approximate # of Carved Pumpkins:  15 Minimum - Pumpkins must be carved.  Painting is allowed as long as pumpkins are carved out.
  • Hay Bales:  3 provided - Hosts may request one additional hay bale for every 10 pumpkins over the required 15 pumpkins.
  • Lighting:  We provide one solar spotlight per display.  Additional lights must be approved by staff.  Only solar-powered lights will be allowed (no electricity on trail). NO Generators will be allowed.  
  • Logistics: To ensure the Pumpkin Trails success, Parks and Recreation has the right to control the logistics, “visual impact” and overall presentation of the event. If it is determined by staff that a display is detracting from the overall presentation of the event or flow of the trail, a change or improvement will be made and/or required. This could include moving the display farther off of the trail or the possible relocation of the display to a more appropriate location on the trail.
  • Cutout SampleCutout Photo Boards for picture taking: Display Groups using Cutout Photo Boards will be assigned to “designated trail spots” which have been selected for ease of picture taking access and trail/traffic flow safety.  Display Groups will be notified of their spot location on Wednesday, the day before their Installation Day of Thursday.  A map with each Display Groups spot and location will be emailed on the Wednesday, prior to the Installation of Thursday.
  • Cutout Photo Board Support Requirements: Each Cutout Photo Board measuring 4’ X 8’ must be supported with a frame that is a minimum of 45 degrees with a length that is at least ¾ the height of the Cutout Photo Board. Each 4’ X 8’ Cutout must be secured with 2 – 50 lb. sandbags on each side. Larger Cutouts will need additional sandbags.
  • Cutout Photo Board Notification: Display Groups must list the # and size of Cutout Photo Boards they plan to use in their Displays on their Display Application Forms. 
  • Theme and Description of Display: Must be family friendly!  For some great ideas, see the photo gallery below.
  • Size of Display - Standard: 6’ x  4’ Minimum
  • Layout:  For displays larger than the 6’ X 4” standard, applications should include a layout of their display including length and width, and location of hay and any props.  Larger displays will be located in areas with more space and will be set back from the trail so that we avoid congestion issues along the trail.
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