Meeting Rooms

The Lubbock Public Library has five meeting rooms available for public use. These rooms may not be reserved for social gatherings such as birthday parties, showers, dances, etc. As of October 1, 2013, we will charge a room usage fee of $30 for all groups and organizations. Please pay at the library where your meeting is being held. Also, if you are using our rooms after hours (Groves or Patterson), it is your responsibility to pick up a key. We do ask for a $25 refundable key deposit. If paying for a key deposit, please bring cash or write a separate check. There are no meeting rooms available at Godeke.

For more information, please see the Meeting Room Policy

How to Reserve a Meeting Room On-line

1. After clicking on the link below, select a library (Mahon, Patterson, or Groves).

2. Then select a room.

3. Click on the date you want to reserve.

4. Choose your desired starting and ending times and click "continue." (Note: The Mahon Conference Room, the Mahon Community Room, and the Patterson Family Learning Center are only available during regular library hours. Other rooms may be used when the library is closed.)

5. Fill in contact information for your organization and click "verify request." You will receive an email confirming your reservation.

Reserve a Meeting Room On-Line

Room Capacities