How do I obtain a permit?

Residential and commercial general contractors need to bring two sets of construction plans for your project to City Hall, located at 1625 13th Street, Suite 106, to allow Building Inspection staff to review your proposed building project and determine permit fees. After the permit has been approved, a permit fee must be paid at the time the permit is issued. A permit fee schedule is available in the Building Inspection office.

Subcontractors (electrical, plumbing, mechanical) for residential and commercial projects can obtain their permits once the main permit has been issued to the general contractor. If a credit card is on file with the Building Inspection Department, the permit can be called in on the permit request line (806-775-3158). Otherwise, the subcontractor will need to come in to have the permit issued and pay the fee. Generic permits (electrical service, water heater, lawn sprinkler, gas line, sewer line, mechanical-heater and air conditioning, roof) can also be obtained in the same manner.

Building, plumbing, and mechanical permits may be issued to homeowners who currently own and occupy a residence as their homestead, with the work to be done by the homeowner or an immediate family member. Homeowners who do not live in the home (rental property) can only obtain building permits for structural work. The work must be done by the property owner or an immediate family member. Subcontractors must be hired to do any plumbing, mechanical, or electrical work.

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